Written by UP Blog Staff
on March 07, 2024

In 1977, the United Nations officially recognized International Women's Day, marking the beginning of a global movement striving for gender equality. At UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, we take pride in championing and acknowledging women's invaluable contributions every day. In celebration of IWD, we are excited to share insights from some of the remarkable women in leadership at UP. Join us as we unveil the secrets and wisdom they bring to shaping a more inclusive and empowered future.


No fear

As women in business, we operate in a world that has, for so many years, not made room for us. And you will come up against walls constantly.  Show no fear because you have a right to be here. Courage will get you a long way.

Know ‘your people’

Women throughout the globe are brilliant at leveraging community to succeed. Business is no different. Knowing who your people are, those that you can lean and rely upon is a strength that will lift you higher.

Don’t hide your femininity

Linked to tip one, simply being female has historically been linked to weakness, yet we juggle life, career, motherhood and more every minute of every day. Don’t hide or be conscious of your femininity. Embrace it and intertwine it with your working self. The more of your authentic self you can bring to your business, the easier the journey.

Alice Smith - Managing Director, UP FOR DIGITAL

Great women support great women

We sometimes get wrapped up in our own journey, and the obstacles we’re facing, and it can become all-consuming. Be a support to other women by listening to them, always having each other's backs and celebrating their wins beside them. 

Raise your hand

When given an opportunity to lead, have the confidence to volunteer and say yes. And do your best. We are all busy, but to get to where you want to go, grab the opportunities that you’re offered. Women are more likely to create respectful, diverse, fair and sustainable businesses, so prove it.  

Embrace your differences

Everyone will approach leadership in a different way so don’t try and change yourself to fit in a mould that's not your shape. Listen to your gut. It’s your subconscious actively using the years of experience you have to make decisions. 

Jo Cornford - Account Director, SWC Partnership

Be confident in yourself and your potential. If you are authentic and hardworking, you will take people with you. Stay curious, ask questions, listen, and learn as much as you can. Be consistent so people know they can rely on you and know your values.

Find a champion, someone who believes in you and builds your confidence through their confidence in you.



Stef Garner - Account Director, SWC Partnership

Empower your growth

It can be uncomfortable, but we must be willing to push beyond the confines of our comfort zones to grow, and stepping into unfamiliar territory is where growth thrives (even if it is a little scary at the time!).

TIP: Growth is not a solo journey. Be open and ask for feedback from your community.

Amplify your influence through language 

Language is a powerful tool, and it can either empower or diminish our impact. Women can fall into the trap of using language that softens our message or, worse, apologising unnecessarily. Being mindful about what you say and why you say it can speak volumes.

Live, Learn, Evolve 

As women, we may feel the need to be flawless and perfect at all times. And, although that’s an admirable trait, it’s not always achievable. Mistakes are inevitable. Instead, look at mistakes as learning opportunities, and think what you might change if the same were to happen again – we’re never beyond learning and evolving.


Aside from the tips of prioritizing, delegating, and balancing, which are indeed important, I want to underline the importance of your close community. The people you work and surround yourself with. I am thinking about the mentors and inspirational leaders, the believers, but also the “can do” people who are always up to good, efficient and qualitative delivery. 

On many occasions, this can be people who root for you and have your back, but it is often even more valuable to have people who challenge you and encourage you to think again, to think new and from a brand new perspective.

As we build our businesses, we'll encounter challenges that we have never faced before. That's where having a mentor comes in handy! Find someone who has experience in your industry and who is willing to share their wisdom with you. Not only will they help guide you through challenges, but they can also provide valuable insights and perspectives you may not have considered

In addition to mentors, surround yourself with people who believe in you and support your goals. These people will be your cheerleaders when you need a boost of motivation.

And lastly, don't be afraid to connect with people who have more experience or knowledge in certain areas than you do. They will challenge you to learn and grow and ultimately make your business stronger.



Lisa Baehr - Account Director, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE

At the onset of my career, I worked in the marketing department of a mutual fund company, but it soon became clear that this lifestyle wasn't for me. The long commutes, confinement to an office, and lack of control over my career left me unhappy.

Consequently, I ventured out to start my own business, and the birth of my first daughter provided the perfect opportunity to do so. 30+ years later, I have thrived and succeeded by focusing on several objectives.

For starters, I always have a clear vision and a well-planned strategy to achieve my goals. At the beginning of every year, I note down what I want to achieve, whether it's expanding the business, maintaining it, or downsizing it, to ensure that my business goals align with my family life, thereby promoting a healthy work-life balance, preventing burnout, and enhancing productivity.

Additionally, I advocate for taking calculated risks, pivoting when necessary, and learning from mistakes. While initially skeptical of joining UP (I didn’t see how I could fit one more thing into my workload), I took a chance and became a member to work on an urgent project that needed my assistance, and made one of the best business decisions of my life, thanks to my persistent friend. Building strong relationships with customers and colleagues is also critical for long-term success.

Finally, I prioritize continuous learning and staying abreast of industry trends and innovations.

Anne Burrows - Group Account Director, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE

Energize your clients

Clients are most often very, very busy people. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion. One thing that makes a big difference is to energize our clients.

Clients expect great planning, briefs, creative solutions, control, budgets and delivery. But one thing they often comment on is how we energize them and their teams - make them feel that anything is possible. Whether it is giving them energy and ideas through a creative process or a briefing session, or a long photo shoot - I love to find ways to make them feel that any goal is possible, any deadline, or any budget.



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