Written by UP Blog Staff
on February 16, 2011

Julian Stubbs, one of the founders of *UP There, Everywhere recently published a book about destination branding filled with lively examples and colorful illustrations. Happily titled, ‘Wish You Were Here, The Branding of Stockholm and Destinations,’ the book discusses what makes destination brands, and places themselves, worthy of their dot on the map.

Wish You Were Here- THE Branding of Stockholm Book

In addition to telling the story of the successful rebranding of the City of Stockholm as the ‘Capital of Scandinavia’, the book takes a thoughtful look into the brand and marketing strategies used by a number of famous destinations, including New York City and Barcelona, Spain.

Readers are sure to gain keen insights into the essential elements of destination brands, as well as come away with an understanding of the ten essential elements of branding.

Read more about the book in the ‘Wish You Were Here,’ press release.

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