Written by UP Blog Staff
on May 20, 2012
UP is proud to be working with Dako, a leading cancer diagnostics company, in their fight against cancer. UP is supporting initiatives across the Dako brand and marketing communications. It’s an exciting year ahead for Dako.
Branding a cancer diagnostics leader
Dako is leading the way in cancer diagnostics. By providing high quality antibodies, instruments and software, Dako is helping to raise the global standards for fast and accurate diagnostic answers for cancer patients.
About Dako

About Dako

Dako, based in Denmark, is a global leader in tissue-based cancer diagnostics. Hospital and research laboratories worldwide use Dako’s know-how, reagents, instruments and software to make accurate diagnoses and determine the most effective treatment for patients suffering from cancer. Employing more than 1,000 people and being present in more than 80 countries, Dako covers essentially all of the anatomic pathology markets globally. For more information, visit the Dako website:



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