Written by Layla Nouilati
on December 07, 2021

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the world’s first full-service global cloud-based agency, is not only up there, but now also on the ground with a firm footprint in the Middle East.   Headquartered in Sweden with a connected group of marketing professionals all around the world, UP’s Middle East team provides every marketing service that companies need to differentiate themselves  and achieve success in the Middle East and globally.

While the world is just now collectively embracing the idea of remote work, UP has been working this way with distributed teams for over 10 years. More than a decade ago, UP’s founders recognized the power of leveraging online services to deliver a cloud-based working model that assembles skilled teams for clients no matter where in the world they are. UP’s unique business model makes it possible to present the right team for each client,  delivering a wide range of international expertise to support  startups and established companies alike in a fast-growing and competitive marketplace.

“UP has built a global community of more than 200 experts with in-depth marketing expertise and knowledge of customers' industries,” said UP CEO Lawrence Masle. UP’s international teams include experienced professionals with proven track records of delivering results for their clients, which complements the direct local knowledge and expertise provided by the UP Middle East team.

As the world’s #1 life sciences marketing agency, UP works with some of the world’s leading B2B companies, including AstraZeneca, Thermo Fisher, Galderma, Tecan and Congenica. UP has also grown into a major international marketing force in the medical device, health, technology and place branding sectors. 

UP FOR REAL, the agency’s place branding speciality group, is responsible for creating the face of Basel Area, the economic powerhouse that is leading the biotech industry in Switzerland.  During the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, UP worked with Sweden’s Royal Djurgården to boost their local tourist landmarks, attracting 456% more visitors. In addition, UP partnered with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) to establish the Netherlands as a hub for health and life sciences.  Bringing places and destinations “up” has been a successful journey so far.

Expanding beyond the local agency experience, UP Middle East offers clients access to an internationally distributed team 24/7 across multiple time zones, while connecting locally. Services include: market research and analysis, branding, identity and communications, website and ecommerce site development, content and social media marketing, film and webinars.  Each member of a client’s team is specifically  chosen to meet the needs of that industry, providing a 100% personalized approach.  

UP Middle East’s Managing Partner, Asra Eftekhari continues:

“We, in UP, are extremely excited about the region and all the mind-blowing changes, developments and projects that are happening in it. Even though we are local in the area,  and have even partnered on several public and private sector projects since 2015, now, more than ever, we are convinced that the UP business model with a global team presence and wide range of services can address the concerns and frustrations of working with a limited regional agency."

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