Written by UP Blog Staff
on June 23, 2020

Malwarebytes, a global leader in cyber security is a different kind of company.  The kind of client we love. Yes, they have the world's most cutting edge AI technology to keep you, your devices and your enterprise safe. But what makes them different (dare we say superior to their competition) is the human element. 

Their tech is built for the human world.  They know that we're all Only Human and we make mistakes.  And there are those in the world that will take advantage of those mistakes.  This campaign shines a comical light on some of our more 'human' moments to show how Malwarebytes and their teams of white hat super hackers make sure a bad click doesn't turn into a bad day.  

TV Advertisement # 1: Royal Name

TV ad


TV Advertisement #2: Help Desk 


This TV Ad campaign for UP Client Malwarebytes is currently running in the US (June 2020).

The UP team was led by Milan Martin, UP California.




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