Written by UP Blog Staff
on May 15, 2024

SWC Partnership, a leading marketing agency based in the UK, is thrilled to announce its recent feature on The Jason Swenk Podcast, a renowned platform in the marketing industry.

The episode, which aired on April 21st, showcased SWC Partnership’s innovative strategies and its impact on the marketing landscape. In the engaging conversation hosted by Jason Swenk, founder of the podcast and a respected figure in the marketing community, SWC Partnership’s Simon Cristal delved into the agency’s journey, highlighting its evolution, key milestones, and the core principles that have propelled its success. Cristal also talked about how SWC Partnership was acquired by the international agency group UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, in February 2023.
During the episode, listeners gained valuable insights into SWC Partnership’s approach to marketing, including its emphasis on client-centric solutions. Cristal shared anecdotes and case studies, illustrating how the agency has consistently delivered results for its diverse portfolio of clients across various industries.
“We’re honoured to have been invited to share our story and expertise on The Jason Swenk Podcast,” said Cristal, founder of SWC Partnership. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect globally with fellow professionals in the marketing community and inspire others with our journey and insights.” He added, “Being featured on The Jason Swenk Podcast validates our commitment to excellence and innovation in marketing. We’re excited to continue pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results for our clients."
The episode received positive feedback from listeners, with many praising the practical advice and industry knowledge shared by SWC Partnership’s co-founders. To listen to SWC Partnership’s feature on The Jason Swenk Podcast, click here.

SWC Partnership is a leading marketing agency based in the UK, specializing in delivering innovative and results-driven marketing solutions for clients across various industries internationally. With a focus on creativity, data, and client collaboration, SWC Partnership helps businesses achieve their marketing goals and drive growth in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

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