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on March 11, 2011
Whilst it would be very handy to have a foolproof formula for generating strong, strategic creative concepts and ideas, I think it is unlikely that we could come UP with one. What I do believe however, is that if you create a stabile organised environment in which to exist, the more unexpected triggers and impressions you put in front of someone, the greater the chances are their creative juices will start flowing. If on the other hand, there is no stability, the chaos will only exhaust you.UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is stability for me. It provides me with that necessary platform that serves as my structure. London, my fabulous hometown, provides the chaos necessary to keep me on my toes.

London CallingI love London

Whilst it can be exhausting at times, the constant buzz (or rather blasting volume) of activity, messages and impressions coming at you is truly inspiring. Shop windows on Oxford Street blow me away, so do my quiet(ish) neighbourhood streets. Cool shops and eateries, funky clothes and contrasts of all sorts trigger ideas. Seldom do I come UP with anything nearly as coherent or clever in a meeting room.

I love lots of places

Whilst I can still only be in one place at any given time (although I am working on that one), I can now interact and engage with locations all over the world on a daily basis – it’s almost like wandering around San Francisco when I have digital face time with Petra, or being back in Sweden when Skyping with Julian. More triggers which enable me to contribute to the discussions that generate truly strong, successful creative concepts and ideas for and with our partners.

So in fact, maybe there is a formula:

1. Make sure the basic hygiene factors are in place – structure, timing, organised environments.

2. Then make sure to rock the boat – engage the senses and mash it UP properly!

On a final note. Everybody here is talking about infographics. Here is an example I really like:

God save the Queen and all that,




London, UK

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