Written by Shari Monnes | Boston
on June 05, 2015

HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing software company with which UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is a partner, has announced an integration with SlideShare as well as several other marketing segmentation and audience management tools. The other integrations include: Appcues, Bigcommerce, BrightInfo, DataHero, HelloSign, Infer, Invoca, Perfect Audience, and Shopify.


What do these new integrations mean? They increase the ability for customers using the HubSpot marketing automation and management system to collect information about incoming leads, and sync their data with existing CRM or sales tools.

For example, the SlideShare integration will allow HubSpot customers to attract new leads from presentations on SlideShare, including automatically adding these leads to HubSpot and segmenting those leads using data from SlideShare including presentations viewed, clicked, and custom messages seen.

HubSpot's other new integration partners include:

  • Appcues: View data from Appcues can now be added to the HubSpot timeline view, while new app users can be added to HubSpot if they do not already exist, and then segmented based on Appcues data.
  • Bigcommerce: All Bigcommerce customer and order data can automatically be synced with HubSpot’s smart lists and reporting tools to gain more insights about customers. The Bigcommerce integration was built by Groove, a HubSpot Platinum Partner.
  • BrightInfo: Leads generated through BrightInfo can be directly and automatically transferred into HubSpot.
  • DataHero: HubSpot customers can create dynamic charts from SaaS services, CSV exports and cloud-drives. Customers can compare HubSpot data with data from other tools and report on that combined data.
  • HelloSign: Documents can be incorporated into multiple HubSpot touch points, so that customers can more efficiently and effectively manage contacts and their progress.
  • Infer: Users can add Infer Scores inside HubSpot software to infuse their marketing campaigns with predictive insights for better targeting and segmenting
  • Invoca: HubSpot customers will have greater visibility into the marketing channels driving inbound calls, and the ability to use this information to segment and score their highest converting leads.
  • Perfect Audience: Customers can now retarget HubSpot smart lists with display ads from Perfect Audience.
  • Scripted: HubSpot customers can create a pending draft blog post in HubSpot by requesting a piece of content on the Scripted web app.
  • ShopifyCustomer and order data can automatically sync from Shopify in HubSpot. Users will also be able to segment customers by lifetime revenue, average order value, products purchased, purchase totals, as well as the option to create personalized and triggered emails. The Shopify integration was built by Groove, a HubSpot Platinum Partner.

“These integrations increase the efficiency and productivity of inbound marketing for our clients who use a wide variety of marketing tools to segment and grow their customer base," said Julian Stubbs, co-founder and CEO of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE.

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