Written by Peter Bjellerup | Sweden
on May 11, 2020

No gatherings of more than 50 people allowed. Restrictions and distancing, especially for seniors. (Justified) fear of corona spread. But still being required to hold an AGM.

How is that to be managed?

Our answer: run a remote Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Hold an either entirely remote AGM, or a hybrid version with a smaller group on site along with a remote AGM for others to attend via the internet. Maybe with a pre-recorded message from the CEO (that allows reuse on other platforms) and even a pre-recorded film on the business performance.

With the Swedish law (2020:198) about temporary exceptions to allow remote voting via mail or substitutions, that challenge is handled already. (Even if we think the law could have been a bit more modern, allowing voting by mobile app, but that’s another issue).

In addition, this means that you could, if you want to, open up public access to the AGM, boosting awareness and knowledge of your company on the stock market.

So, all that remains is to get in touch with us at UP to get help in arranging a professional remote AGM.

But why UP?

1. UP has more experience professionally in running webinars

We just recently finished a series of webinars for a global client in healthcare. Five customer webinars across three time zones with a total of 22,000 attendees. That is, 15 webinars with about 1.500 attendees in each!

Cameras, moderators, project management, web tech, +UP ran all of it, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from both client and participants.

…and that’s only one example.

2. UP has remote collaboration in our DNA

To many, this thing about collaborating remotely is new and unfamiliar. For us it’s business as usual. Since UP was formed in 2010, we have collaborated remotely with each other and with our clients globally. To remotely run an event and coordinate communications with clients is what we do everyday in a way few others, if any, can match.

Read more about UP´s services in webinars and other digital services here.

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