Written by UP Blog Staff
on March 11, 2011

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE truly represents a different type of thinking that I’m not used to seeing in the agency world. It represents a type of thinking that resonates with many of my own work values and practices. Its uniqueness is something that may not last as others will rush to emulate it, but with the hand-picked team that Julianhas put together, this will be the one to watch as it really is special.

No matter where I’ve worked — whether at a large ad agency or in business for myself as a creative consultant, or as a photographers representative — I’ve always considered myself different. I’ve always prided myself on being the one to come up with the different take on a creative brief and have always been personally proud of the solutions that I’ve come up with (and I’m pretty sure that the clients have been happy, as well).

I’ve worked with clients in sectors as diverse as entertainment, technology, and automotive for some of the largest ad agencies between L.A. and Seattle. I’ve also created work that has been equally as creative for small independent businesses as well as a wide range of non-profits. Services offered have included everything from print campaigns to interactive development to corporate identity to both commercial & fine art photography and many things in between.

I am very confident that merging the work that I do with the UP* business model is going to be a very successful partnership as well as an extremely satisfying experience due to the team that’s in place. I can honestly say that I’m excited.

One last thing, this just has to be said, “It can only go UP* from here.” :)



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