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on June 05, 2014
IIt's not every day that you get the opportunity to create a new brand, and it's even a bigger challenge when that brand needs to endorse nearly 100 other independent brands. No new parent company, no M&A, no single owner....but a new independent collective group, representing the best optic specialists across the Netherlands.
In a tough consumer market saturated with communications mainly about price, it was time to put a new stake in the ground centered around value.

New ZIENRS brand

ZIENRS logo UP local branding project Netherlands

Focusing on craftsmanship, the new ZIENRS brand radiates the personal approach and relationship the consumer has with their eye care specialist. And this relationship is a long lasting one, which is reflected in the tagline "for life". The multi-facited logo is not only visually appealing to the consumer, but the individual parts of each letter represent the individual optic specialists across the country, coming together under this new collective group.
While UP normally works with global brands, focusing to unite their communications, this was a very local assignment. But not surprisingly, it also takes deep local understanding to work globally, and vice versa.

UP local team

In the case of ZIENRS, a full service agency team of seasoned experts from both the Netherlands and abroad worked closely with the client to create the ZIENRS brand strategy, value proposition, brand values, brand name, tagline, identity, and creative platform. Deep understanding of both the local market (supported by independent consumer research), and trends and developments in markets abroad helped to uncover the deep insight required for creating this new brand.
Visit ZIENRS at or if you live in the Netherlands, visit a ZIENRS store near you and experience first hand the distinguishing qualities of a ZIENRS eye care specialist.
UP creates local campaign for Dutch brand ZIENRS

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