Case Study: Axelos TV ad

Creating and producing a TV ad for Axelos


Axelos are the people behind ITIL®, PRINCE2®, and a wealth of other world-renowned best practice methods and certifications. They are dedicated to being the world’s most respected provider of global best practice, continually drawing inspiration from those who adopt best practice to increase profitability, grow market share and quickly respond to changes and challenges in their business environment. 


United Kingdom


IT, technology and industry / direct to consumer


TV creative development and campaign delivery

The brief

Our original brief was in the product marketing space and it was to ‘rename, rebrand and reposition Axelos’ Project Portfolio Management (PPM)’ which we achieved by creating the Axelos® ProPathTM campaign, see the full case study here.

Axelos ProPath branding and campaign development

Once the campaign was created the striking illustrative style, using the new Axelos brand guidelines. was so well liked that the team at Axelos wanted us to bring it to life for TV for brand response and acquisition.

The approach

UP’s creative challenge was to take a flat illustrative style and create a moving image version of our campaign. And overlaid with that obstacle was ensuring we covered ‘what is Axelos® ProPathTM’ and create interest in the audience to find out more via our call to action, all in a 30 sec TV spot!

Axelos worked with their media agency to ensure the targeting was well defined, with three bursts of activity; covering UK, AB testing, London TV area, senior decision makers at a high level and then utilising the SkyTV AdSmart platform to drill down further.

The solution

Our creative solution involved us breaking down our task into key stages:

  • Creating a script that encapsulates Axelos® ProPath™ within 30 seconds, taking the audience on a journey to our strong CTA
  • From an art perspective we looked at how we could bring both the script and the illustrative style to life in moving image; utilising the latest 3D tools we did just that creating a virtual journey that aligned with our script and brought to life our end line of ‘Forward every day’
  • Our virtual camera and 3D approach seamlessly immersed the audience in the world of someone who was creating true career progression using Axelos® ProPath

The results

Axelos' results exceeded expectations due to the selection of the media plan and smart use of the assets for the TV ad, outperforming many campaigns with better resource and budget:

  • Total number of visits to the Axelos® ProPathTM landing page, since April 2021 launch – mid November: 268,000
  • Total number of goal conversions based on our KPIs: over 3,100 with the majority of those being CTA clicks to find trainingor buy resources
  • Over 100 leads generated via an enquiry form on the webpage
  • The TV advert itself had 420,000 impressions over a relatively short four month burst

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