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Employer Branding


Jenoptik brings in a new era of light

The client

Jenoptik AG is based in Jena, Germany. Since his arrival in 2017, CEO Dr. Stefan Traeger is leading a complete transformation of their business, from a multi-disciplinary, complex conglomerate to a focused photonics brand. UP has created the brand for the CEO’s business transformation, the subsequent external facing brand, the ‘Jenius’ employer branding concept and the content campaign to attract new business and employees.



Our most recent work

In July 2020 Jenoptik acquired Trioptics, thereby strengthening its focus on photonics. After previously delivering the brand repositioning and launch of the new Jenoptik brand look & feel, UP were selected to execute all the acquisition materials from CEO interviews, stories illustrating the benefits of the acquisition, investor presentations and the web launch.

UP worked directly with the CEO and the Investor Relations team under a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement until the acquisition went public.

See the acquisition materials

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UP shot, wrote, directed, produced and edited films for launch of the Jenoptik acquisition – all done in the cloud under the social distancing restrictions imposed by COVID-19. These became integral parts of the employer branding campaign as Jenoptik introduced themselves to the new Trioptics employees and answered all their questions online.

Our work with Jenoptik

Jenoptik Berlin V4 - HD and captions



Jenoptik "More Light" film

Jenoptik - NEW BRAND FILM - More Light

Employer brand launch

UP brought the employer brand strategy to life, executed as the 'JENIUS' campaign and rolled it out through all HR communications.



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