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Accelerate your lead generation with paid promotion

Successful digital marketing today requires the use of paid media. Building awareness and interest using only organic growth doesn’t work anymore. Instead you need to use paid media campaigns in combination with owned and earned media activities.

There are a great number of paid media activities you can choose from. Of course, what you end up using depends on your industry and your target audience — but the best result is often a combination of paid search and paid social. Google, Facebook and other paid options have to be part of your marketing strategy.

At UP, we help our customers in industries ranging from life sciences to consumer goods to use paid media in a smart and efficient way. We always start with a strategic perspective, and make sure we use different media in ways that ensure synergies and cost-effectiveness. And we always set clear and understandable metrics that we follow up together with our customers.

We are used to working with paid media across the globe, and know which options works well where. Both on a loval and global level we can help you with Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. And if you’re interested in the Chinese market, we work with e.g WeChat and Baidu.

A fresh brand and e-commerce solution in the spirits industry

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Key elements of paid media

Start with a strategy

Without a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your ad spend it’s hard to be successful. At UP we always begin with looking at your objectives, your target audience and your budget. That way we make sure you get the most for your investment.

Always be testing

Successful paid media campaigns require a lot of testing and tweaking. To get the most out of every campaign optimization is a must. We always plan accordingly. 

Great ads needs great creative

To succeed with paid media requires more than paying for ads. It’s important to invest in really good content and ensure the concept is creative. At UP we do everything from soup to nuts

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Social media marketing in China for a Nordic brand


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Ad planning is the first step

Plan your strategy

Ad planning is the art of blending social media, Google, PPC, SEO and your content into one coherent plan.
An engaging ad should seamlessly combine eye catching creative with informed analytics. And most of all, featuring where your target audience hangs out is an absolute must.
To create these amazing ads, we have a tried and tested process. This allows us to make sure we understand your business and commercial objectives.

Identify audience

We identify your target audience and create personas detailing:
  • what sites they use
  • the media they consume
  • what motivates them
We analyze your competitors, producing a detailed report about:
  • their lead generation or sales strategy
  • what sites they appears on
  • where they are advertising
  • where their backlinks feature
  • the keywords they are ranking for
  • what their core propositions are

Define core proposition

Once we understand your business, audience and industry, we build your digital sales funnel. Creating consistent, on brand and appropriate messaging for all campaigns, across all channels.

The funnel is key to effective ad planning. It not only identifies how the ads fit together, but also how they sit within digital customer acquisition and lead generation. And most importantly, make sure it generates the numbers you need.
Generating leads and sales is what it’s all about. So we create a suite of relevant landing pages with engaging content such as video, copy, and infographics to encourage those all important conversions.

Social media ROI calculator

Is your social media working? Your data is only useful if you're using it correctly. This spreadsheet calculator will help you measure the return on investment (ROI) for your social media campaigns, as well as help you with setting goals before you start.

Social media ROI Calculator

Our process ensures you know what to expect at every stage

Our process ensures you know what to expect at every stage

BASE-UP® is the basis for our process, and all digital marketing agencies worth their salt should be able to articulate a process like ours.

It is the basis for all good digital projects. However, the way we tackle a couple of the stages are really rather special and is what sets UP digital apart from our peers.

Every digital marketing campaign should follow this process to ensure success, and so you know what to expect at each stage.

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Advertising London's premiere crytocurrency conference

The planning team had to battle many regulatory issues as some of the platforms have restrictions on the content of cryptocurrency ads. But the results were phenomenal, with the ads being an instant hit, and our audience profiling reaching the right people at the right time.

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Social media advertising

Getting personal on social

Social media ads have just three “musts”. They must be: interesting, have value or be amusing if you want your audience to engage.
Each platform aims to meet the individual needs of their audiences, their frame of mind and mood. Provided you know who you are talking to, they all provide great opportunities to connect. We run intelligent and engaging campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for a wide range of clients.
Before launching, we will have designed an ad plan to help answer some key questions:
  • What content will we create?
  • What media channels will they be used across?
  • Will we create media-specific content?
  • What will the mix be between earned and paid media?
  • Will they be used for acquisition, education or conversion?
We set KPIs for each media type and conversion funnels, so that we can measure the success of each channel. Not every platform is right for every business though. An objective and informed decision to advertise is crucial.
Google Adwords

Building success on Google

Pay-per-click (PPC). Programmatic targeted display. Retargeting ads. YouTube ad campaigns. They aren’t only about the beautiful and imaginative creative and copy. It’s also:
  • In depth research into the bidding opportunities
  • Establishing the conversion metrics and goals
  • Agreeing a target and maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
  • Creating ad schedules and budget applications
  • Designing landing pages
  • Making sure everything is trackable
…and that’s just scratching the surface! If that all sounds way too time consuming, we’re here to help.
YouTube, PPC, and programmatic targeted display are great for driving web traffic. Retargeting is a powerful conversion optimization tool… but it can’t drive new visitors to your site.
We will discuss what you want to achieve, and then align the best options for your business. From then on, we continue to optimize your campaigns to make sure they’re driving high quality leads to your website.

Social media planning template

Creating a social media content plan can seem daunting. But with social media planner like this one, you are on your way to greatness. Download our free blog and social media template to plan a month—or year—of blog and social media posts, and keep track of your offers and tracking URLs.

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