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UP delivers digital marketing services that get results

UP for DIGITAL will help you define your digital marketing strategy: it is the science of blending social media, Google, PPC, SEO, your website (and content) into one coherent plan.

An engaging campaign should seamlessly combine relevant, eye catching creative with informed analytics, and most of all, targeting where your target audience is hanging out.

To create these amazing campaigns, we have a tried and tested process: this allows us to make sure we understand your business and commercial objectives.

We identify your target audience and create personas detailing: what sites they use, the media they consume, what motivates them

We analyze your competitors, producing a detailed report about their lead generation or sales strategy, what sites they appear on, where they are advertising, where their backlinks feature, the keywords they are ranking for and what their core propositions are.


Digital marketing for the premium HR and flexible benefits platform


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Our digital marketing services

Ad planning

Once we understand your business, audience and industry, we can build your digital sales funnel.

The funnel is key to effective ad planning. It not only identifies how the ads fit together, but also how they sit within digital customer acquisition and lead generation. And most importantly, make sure it generates the numbers you need.

Generating leads and sales is what it’s all about. So we create a suite of relevant landing pages with engaging content such as video, copy, and infographics to encourage those all important conversions.

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Social media ads

Social media ads have just three “musts”. They must be: interesting, have value or be amusing if you want your audience to engage.

Each platform aims to meet the individual needs of their audiences, their frame of mind and mood. Provided you know who you are talking to, they all provide great opportunities to connect. We run intelligent and engaging campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for a wide range of clients.

We set KPIs for each media type and conversion funnels, so that we can measure the success of each channel. Not every platform is right for every business though. An objective and informed decision to advertise is crucial


Oh Google, you fickle mistress. Understanding the inner workings and how to run successful campaigns across the networks is a no mean feat. It’s a job done only by those who live and breathe it everyday… which we do!

We have teams who spend all their days within Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, Programmatic targeted display campaigns,  Retargeting ads, and  YouTube ad campaigns.

YouTube, PPC, and programmatic targeted display are great for driving web traffic. Retargeting is a powerful conversion optimisation tool… but it can’t drive new visitors to your site.

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Website design

UP provides full website design and development services, including UX and UI design and eCommerce. Our team works with a number of popular CMS systems, including Umbraco, nopCommerce, HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify and more.

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Search engine optimization means working with your site, your backend and your content in a way that ensures you will rank well on key search terms. It includes both on-page and off-page SEO.

Content marketing

Content marketing is all about producing and distributing content that helps your company achieve its business goals. UP can deliver every part of a content marketing program, including strategy, concept development, implementations and execution.

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Our process ensures you know what to expect at every stage

BASE-UP® is the basis for our process, and all digital marketing agencies worth their salt should be able to articulate a process like ours.

It is the basis for all good digital projects. However, the way we tackle a couple of the stages are really rather special and is what setsUP for DIGITAL apart from our peers.

Every digital marketing campaign should follow this process to ensure success, and so you know what to expect at each stage.

Creating digital experiences

Where we’re seeing digitalization success

We have a very broad client base here at UP for Digital and as they get used to working from their dining room tables and hastily constructed home-offices, we are seeing the more-digitized businesses genuinely reaping the rewards.

One of our clients who has always sold training courses for their products are building some e-learning courses for remote instruction and accreditation. Using Adobe Captivate (and an e-learning expert) we are taking their courses into customer’s homes as well as hosting Q&A sessions with experts via webinars.

From online conferences to ecommerce

Another client, MicroBarBox, an online retailer of cocktail gift boxes has partnered with a gin tasting experience, Madam Geneva & Gent. Along with with Zoom’s fantastic video conference capabilities, they have taken the gin-tasting parties into their customers dining rooms.

It’s not just our traditional consumer ecommerce clients who are reaping the rewards, many of our B2B clients have implemented online product ordering. We’ve been using a number of slick ecommerce platforms that allow their customers to order and re-order effortlessly.

B2B or B2C options

The ecommerce platforms that we use work just as well for B2B  and B2C clients as they have many of the features needed “out of the box.”

  • Tier pricing for different clients
  • Quantity pricing
  • Loyalty scheme
  • One-click re-ordering
  • AJAX auto-predict search boxes
  • Multi-lingual sites 
  • Orders emailed to purchasing with PO’s attached

Most of the solutions however are rooted in two common features: MANY of them have implemented a flexible and feature-rich ecommerce platform, but ALL have enhanced their online communication channels.

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