Written by Shari Monnes | Boston
on June 05, 2015

As part of an ongoing client relationship with Digital Health Days, a premiere annual global digital health conference held in Stockholm, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE has launched a new Digital Health Blog.

The blog, called “Humans for Digital Health,” will feature articles from UP members and other thought leaders in the digital health space, including guest posts and interviews with leading topic experts.

Digital Health Day - Humans for Digital Health Blog

Partnership with Digital Health Days

“The overarching goal of the blog is to raise awareness for the Digital Health Days conference, which will be held September 23-24, 2015 in Stockholm,” said event partnership coordinator and UP member, Robert England. “The Digital Health Days Conference is an arena for setting the future healthcare agenda. It’s two days of inspiring seminars, challenging discussions and hands-on workshops from key influencers in the field.”

UP is coordinating sponsorship opportunities for the event, which promises to bring some of the world’s leading players in digital health to the stage and meeting room for one-on-one sessions and stimulating discussions.

Blog focuses on cutting edge issues

In addition to discussing some of the technologies that are leading the way in digital health, the new blog will focus on the issues and challenges faced by companies entering this arena, as well as best practices for marketing health care in the digital era.

With both strategy and policy on the plate, the blog authors promise to bring provocative ideas to the table.

“We believe that digital health presents an enormous opportunity for forward thinking companies to make their mark on  the world,” said blog editor David Holzer. “We aim to be the impetus in generating collaboration between players and help establish a balance between efficiency, opportunity and security of personal data. And we may throw in a few provocative ideas now and again, as well.”

Topics for discussion

So what are some of the issues the blog will discuss? According to the authors, they include:

  1. Does understanding the prehistory of digital health show us a way forward for the future?
  2. What are the boundaries of the changing doctor patient relationship – when is it OK for a doctor to Google a patient, for instance?
  3. Are we more comfortable with apps than appointments?
  4. Does a patient-centered approach really make every patient equal – what part do cultural, social and economic factors play?
  5. Are we likely to listen to our digital mothers – how do we make sure we don’t disregard the apps advocating what’s best for our health?
  6. Our data is being collected constantly by companies simply because they feel it’s valuable – should a precedent for health data collection be set now before it’s too late?
  7. Should companies take the Hippocratic Oath – why should we trust them with our private information more than doctors?
  8. Companies are fighting to make their healthcare technology sexy to us – how do we make the best care the most appealing?
  9. How do we learn from the countries, authorities and organizations modeling the future of digital health – is Sweden leading the way?
  10. What current limits on healthcare is digital health in a position to overcome?


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