Written by Ronja
on December 07, 2019


Each December we have the opportunity to reach out to all our friends, clients and members with a season's greeting card to wish them well. We all love this time of year and there's always keen completion in the agency to design the annual card. This year Alex Beeching, an UP UK member, won the honour.

UP Christmas Card (22.11.19)-1Alex is a rather gifted chap, who is not only an exceptional artist, but also a wonderful writer - and general clever clogs all round. He's also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

He's also the author of a great little book called Draw Yourself Happy, where he encourages people to simply pick up a pen and start doodling, helping to find a great way towards relaxation and fulfilment.

Watch the short film about the creation of the UP 2019 card. And Season's Greetings to all our friends.

Alex Beeching is an UP member in the UK.



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