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Place Branding: The $50 Billion Dollar Gold Medal

February 11, 2014 | Julian Stubbs

I don’t watch much television. Firstly it’s mostly filled with rubbish and secondly I just don’t have the time. But Friday night my twelve year old insisted we all sit down to watch the opening ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games from Sochi. I’ll come on to the ceremony itself in a while, but firstly let’s just consider the cost. More than $50 billion dollars. That’s right, $50 billion. To put that into some sort of perspective that’s nearly four times the cost of the 2012 London summer Olympics or a bit more than three billion dollars a day over the 16 days of the main event. Even Bill Gates couldn’t afford to do it. So the question is what sort of return or value can possibly be expected on that sort of investment and is it really worth it?

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