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The Global Cloud Based Advertising Agency

August 30, 2011 | Julian Stubbs

Over the past two or three weeks you’ll have noticed, unless you’ve been walking around with your head in the clouds, that the technology world has had the equivalent of some pretty huge seismic events. The acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google. HP throwing in the towel in the personal computing business. The knowledge that Apple has more available cash than the US Government and could solve the Euro debt crisis on its own. All this followed by the resignation of Steve Jobs.


UP holds first North American meeting on East Coast

August 04, 2011 | UP Blog Staff
UP There Everywhere may be a company founded on the idea of cloud computing and remote teams working collaboratively, but that doesn’t mean the members don’t appreciate the value of meeting face-to-face occasionally. UP held its third in-person member meeting since launching the company in March, this time on the East Coast of the USA in Princeton, NJ. Six UP members, including three new members and a new partner company, attended the meeting held July 28, 2011, at the lovely and historic Nassau Inn on Palmer Square in Princeton, NJ. New members

The group welcomed new member Rena Amer, Marketing Consultant, of Princeton, N.J. Rena, originally from Jordan, and fluent in Arabic, Spanish and English, has a background in broadcast journalism and more than 10 years of experience in brand planning for consumer and consumable brands.


Word Embezzlement

August 03, 2011 | Julian Stubbs

Following on from my last blog approach of ‘Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal ‘ this month I happily embezzle a few words from a person I have the great pleasure of knowing well – John Simmons. John is an inspiring creative business writer, who was one of the founders of the Dark Angels writers courses.


Second UP* meeting sparks new ideas

August 02, 2011 | Shari Monnes | Boston

I attended my second UP* meeting yesterday, and the first-ever in the USA. Several East-coast members gathered to make introductions, share ideas and motivate each other about ways to grow the business.

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